Needing help…

So latley I have been in a bit of pickle.

This friend of mine is going through a rough time and I cant help him. He is going through a “suicidal” stage and I am too scared to lose him. He said that his girlfriend is the only reason he’s deciding to stay here but how do I get him to change his mind?

I have recently lost a friend because of a nasty virus and honnestly I dont think I can handle anyone else leaving Earth.

I know how suicidal felt because I have once been through that. Getting to the stage of ending your life because theres nothing else your good at really hurts, or knowing you will not be ‘perfect’.

The only thing that changed my mind was how devestating my friends and family would be when I was gone, that was when I changed my perspective. However I have already tried saying that to him and he still wont budge.

Please give me advice on what to do before him and his girlfriend brake up.

Sam 😦 xx



“Basketball Boy”

So there is this boy that goes to my school and is really good at basketball, I want to keep this anonymous so I am going to call him “Basketball Boy”. My best friend who recently liked this guy just found out that I liked him, she’s not mad at me but she is just scared that I will get my heart broken again after my previous relationship (long story). However “Basketball Boy” might actually be the one for me, I mean is it possible? He is the first ever guy that I have actually had a crush on because I can’t read him like I read other guys. Usually I can tell what other guys think of me but recently I can’t.

I can’t even stay focus because all I am thinking about is “Basketball Boy”. A few weeks back we went to Airtime, with a few friends of course, and it wasn’t awkward to talk to him or anything. Although there is one tiny problem, before I started to like him we weren’t even friends so he gets along better with other girls and I don’t know wether I want to be friends with him first or not, I mean it would be easier wouldn’t it?

Yesterday I completely embarrassed myself in front of him though, because he is AMAZING at basketball, his girl best friend and I challenged “Basketball Boy” and his friend to a game and I fell flat on my but! My bloomers came up!!!! HOW EMBARRASSING!!! Normally I am not frigate with guys but around him I just want to walk in the other direction because I am afraid he won’t like me or I will embarrass myself again. HELP!

What should I do?   Could he be my soul mate?

Sam 🙂 xx

I feel sorry for the future

With Apple releasing new content for customers it is a wonder why we are all so caught up with technology. Most people over 13 have a phone for safety – isn’t that why parents gave it to them? But maybe the phone is the danger? I agree that phones and computers are brilliant inventions but when is enough, enough?

We have apps on our phones to allow us to play games when we could be bonding with a sibling. We get texts but we don’t know how to understand them because we can’t read how they would say it. Relationships are now based on technology therefor you don’t know if there “I love you” is meaningful. The best communication is face to face not face to phone. I feel sorry for the next generation because they are being brought up in this way. But right now we have the power to change it. Step away from the phone and right a letter or enjoy the sun when outside. Don’t post a picture about it on Instagram just to see how many likes you got. Look up from your phone to see a difference and to make one.

And it’s ridiculous when we have to pay for these “things” that are ruining the world.

Sam 🙂 xx

Cookies to Adore! 🍪


Chocolate Chip Cookies!


  1. 1/2 a packet of Choc Chips
  2. 100 grams of Butter
  3. 65 grams of Sugar
  4. 1 tbs of Condense Milk
  5. 1 cup of Self Raising Flour
  6. 1 tsp of Vanilla Extract


  1. Preheat the oven to 160 fanforce.
  2. Soften the Butter, add Sugar and condense milk and using an electric mixture cream together those ingredients.
  3. Sift the flour and add the Vanilla Extract and the Choc chips.
  4. Combine well and roll the mixture into little balls to go in the oven.
  5. The cookies take about 15 minutes to cook.

Tip if the mixture isn’t sticky add in more butter! 

Is the ocean in the middle of our friendship?

Hey guys,

I want to be honest on my blog and I can’t be honest with out sharing how I feel most of the time. Since my best friend moved to Queensland (Australia) at the start of this year I have been hoping to catch up with her but although she is only one hour before my time zone we are always busy. I thought I had tried everything in keeping our friendship together but maybe the ocean is just to strong?

It feels like since Izzy moved to Queensland I can’t get my mind off all our memories we shared. Izzy and I used to always go to netball training together and school. We always used to laugh at nearly everything. Since I am in high school now I find it hard making new friends because I know no one could be better than Izzy.

I’m not sharing this story to make you feel sorry for me but I am sharing this to see if I am the only one with this problem, is this normal? Please feel free to comment to share your advice on my situation. And hopefully the next post will be more happy!

Sam 🙂 xx

Introducing myself

Hello, my names Sam (hence the name such simple Sam) and today I thought my first post should be about introducing myself. I am currently in High School (which means there is going to be a lot of posts about drama). I am the youngest in my family which means I can get my own way a lot of the time but also I have to sit in the middle of the car (which is really squishy). I enjoy games and I find interest in travelling and also designing houses and clothes.

I wanted to have fun with this blog since I am on school holidays. The reason why I wanted to start up this blog is to say the things I couldn’t quite get out of my mouth, so I decided to type it instead. This blog will feature reviews, advice on fashion, sight seeing pictures and my online journal.

I would love it if you give me feedback or tips feel free to comment or contact me by email at

Sam 🙂 xx