Love and Luck Collision

Growing up I’ve always thought I would marry someone one day and have two children. When I had my first heart break with a guy in year 8 I then became aware that I hated kids and I didn’t like the fact of being with someone the rest of your life. That was until I... Continue Reading →

Welcoming the New Year

As I am sure the majority of people living would agree, 2017 was one of the most troublesome years within my generation. With many terrorists attacks and political disturbances as well as my own hefty problems with in my head, I have to say I am not fond of 2017. However as a wise person... Continue Reading →

An Unsurpassed Christmas

So it is that time of season again. Where stockings are hung, Christmas trees are going up and Christmas carols are playing all through out your soon to be festive home, however before Christmas is upon us, I am here to make sure you know exactly how to have the best Christmas you could ever... Continue Reading →

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