I feel sorry for the future

With Apple releasing new content for customers it is a wonder why we are all so caught up with technology. Most people over 13 have a phone for safety – isn’t that why parents gave it to them? But maybe the phone is the danger? I agree that phones and computers are brilliant inventions but when is enough, enough?

We have apps on our phones to allow us to play games when we could be bonding with a sibling. We get texts but we don’t know how to understand them because we can’t read how they would say it. Relationships are now based on technology therefor you don’t know if there “I love you” is meaningful. The best communication is face to face not face to phone. I feel sorry for the next generation because they are being brought up in this way. But right now we have the power to change it. Step away from the phone and right a letter or enjoy the sun when outside. Don’t post a picture about it on Instagram just to see how many likes you got. Look up from your phone to see a difference and to make one.

And it’s ridiculous when we have to pay for these “things” that are ruining the world.

Sam 🙂 xx