“Basketball Boy”

So there is this boy that goes to my school and is really good at basketball, I want to keep this anonymous so I am going to call him “Basketball Boy”. My best friend who recently liked this guy just found out that I liked him, she’s not mad at me but she is just scared that I will get my heart broken again after my previous relationship (long story). However “Basketball Boy” might actually be the one for me, I mean is it possible? He is the first ever guy that I have actually had a crush on because I can’t read him like I read other guys. Usually I can tell what other guys think of me but recently I can’t.

I can’t even stay focus because all I am thinking about is “Basketball Boy”. A few weeks back we went to Airtime, with a few friends of course, and it wasn’t awkward to talk to him or anything. Although there is one tiny problem, before I started to like him we weren’t even friends so he gets along better with other girls and I don’t know wether I want to be friends with him first or not, I mean it would be easier wouldn’t it?

Yesterday I completely embarrassed myself in front of him though, because he is AMAZING at basketball, his girl best friend and I challenged “Basketball Boy” and his friend to a game and I fell flat on my but! My bloomers came up!!!! HOW EMBARRASSING!!! Normally I am not frigate with guys but around him I just want to walk in the other direction because I am afraid he won’t like me or I will embarrass myself again. HELP!

What should I do?   Could he be my soul mate?

Sam 🙂 xx


One thought on ““Basketball Boy”

  1. lovatic_4ever says:

    I don’t know about soul-mates and all, but your situation is kinda like mine. Even I have a crush on this guy in school and I embarrassed myself in front of home. Well let’s just say that he’s a junior and he won’t like a freshman like me.
    And the soul-mate thingi… Isn’t it too early to think about it considering you haven’t even made a solid base for friendship?


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