Is the ocean in the middle of our friendship?

Hey guys,

I want to be honest on my blog and I can’t be honest with out sharing how I feel most of the time. Since my best friend moved to Queensland (Australia) at the start of this year I have been hoping to catch up with her but although she is only one hour before my time zone we are always busy. I thought I had tried everything in keeping our friendship together but maybe the ocean is just to strong?

It feels like since Izzy moved to Queensland I can’t get my mind off all our memories we shared. Izzy and I used to always go to netball training together and school. We always used to laugh at nearly everything. Since I am in high school now I find it hard making new friends because I know no one could be better than Izzy.

I’m not sharing this story to make you feel sorry for me but I am sharing this to see if I am the only one with this problem, is this normal? Please feel free to comment to share your advice on my situation. And hopefully the next post will be more happy!

Sam 🙂 xx


2 thoughts on “Is the ocean in the middle of our friendship?

  1. fitripure says:

    Yeah it’s normal because you’re not the only one, you know I have same story like you in different case. I live alone in Jakarta for working and all my friends live in different city and sometimes it’s hard for me to catch up with them and sometimes I got homesick too because there is no one like them and it hard to find another good one (friend) and maybe because I’m an introvert too so it’s hard for me to making new friends. If that feeling came I used to be talking with stranger pretending that the stranger is my friend just like I’m comment in your post. It’s make me forget about my friend so I don’t feel lonely for a while.. Sorry for my English hope you can understand 🙂

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