Introducing myself

Hello, my names Sam (hence the name such simple Sam) and today I thought my first post should be about introducing myself. I am currently in High School (which means there is going to be a lot of posts about drama). I am the youngest in my family which means I can get my own way a lot of the time but also I have to sit in the middle of the car (which is really squishy). I enjoy games and I find interest in travelling and also designing houses and clothes.

I wanted to have fun with this blog since I am on school holidays. The reason why I wanted to start up this blog is to say the things I couldn’t quite get out of my mouth, so I decided to type it instead. This blog will feature reviews, advice on fashion, sight seeing pictures and my online journal.

I would love it if you give me feedback or tips feel free to comment or contact me by email at

Sam 🙂 xx


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